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Membership FAQs

1. Who can avail membership?

2. What are the membership categories?

3. What is the criteria for membership?

4. What are the Subscription fees?

5. What are the facilities offered?

6. How to get student membership?

7. How to apply for membership?

1. Who can avail membership?

Anyone or any organization directly or indirectly involved in producing and consuming steel or conceiving, creating, constructing or completing projects in steel are eligible to become members of the institute.


2. What are the membership categories?

(i) Founding Member, (ii) Primary Member, (iii) Associate Member, (iv) Institutional Member, (v) Individual Member and (vi) Student Member.


3. Criteria Of Membership:

Founding Member: Large steel producing companies and the Govt. representatives, who conceived and promoted the institute, are the Founding Members. All organizations having integrated operation for iron and steel production from iron ore and its derivatives are its founding member

Primary Member: Large organization such as producers of steel, fabricators, developers, builders, companies engaged in construction, designers, consultants, specifiers, architects, design institutes, educational & research institutes, interior decorators, engineering firms etc. can enroll themselves as primary members.

Associate Members: companies, undertakings, overseas firms interested in steel usage can become Associate Members.

Institutional Member:All India or State local Professional Institutes / Organizations / Boards / Associations etc. dealing with collection and dissemination of information, research and development, process upgradation, exploration of new resources etc. are eligible for membership of the Institute.

Individual Member:Any professional having interest in steel application and in upgradation of knowledge can become individual member. Individual member may opt for annual or life, membership

Student Member: Student Student of Civil Engineering / Architecture / Mechanical / Metallurgical & other allied Engineering disciplines at under graduate / post graduation/ Ph.D level are eligible for Student Membership and one time subscription to be paid at every level (Graduation, Post Graduation & PhD).


4. What are the Subscription Fees?

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5. What are the facilities offered?

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