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Project Publications

Pub No Publiation Topic Price
INS/016  Recent Case Studies in India - Pre-engineered buildings and Space Frames  400 
INS/017  Life Cycle Cost Assessment of a Typical Urban Flyover  900 
INS/018  Welding Guide for Structural Steel  600 
INS/019  Handbook on Composite Construction (Multilevel Car Parks)  1000 
INS/020  Survey of Important Rail Bridges  350 
INS/022  Handbook on Composite Construction (Multistorey Building)  1000 
INS/034  Design of Composite Truss for Building  1000 
INS/035  Life Cycle Cost on Reinforced Concrete Pavement Road  325 
INS/036  Guidebook for Mild Steel Doors and Windows  600 
INS/048  Comparative study of G+3 to G+6 Storied Residential Buildings with RCC & Steel-Concrete Composite options  1000 
INS/049  Design Guide book of Cost effective Rural Housing  300 

INSDAG Guide for the Structural use of Steelwork in Buildings 

INS/051  Teaching Resource Material - 3 Volumes with CD  6000 
INS/052  Steel Structures in Rural Applications - Housing & School Buildings  600 
INS/053  The INSDAG Design competition for Students of Architecture  450 
INS/054  Design Guidebook of Light & Temporary Steel Structures  600 
INS/055  Typical Design of Bus Stand & Bus Terminus  450 
INS/057  Steel Structures in Rural Applications - Bridges & Culverts  700 
INS/058  Design & Development of Steel Formwork & Scaffolding for RCC work in Construction Industries  600 
INS/059  Design Guide Book for use of Plain Profiled Sheets  1000 
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HOT ROLLING PRACTICE An Attempted Recollection

Information on Reinforcement Bars Usage

Welding Options In Steel Constructions

Cost Effective Ways to Protection Steel Structures from Environments

IS: 800 - Indian Code of Practice

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