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Project Publications

Pub No Publiation Topic Price
INS/070  Guide book on Fire Protection of Steel Structure  600 
INS/072  Guide Book on Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures  1000 
INS/073  Design of Pressed Steel and Profile Steel Water Tanks  600 
INS/074  Steel Structures in Rural Applications - Panchayat Meeting Halls  600 
INS/075  Guidebook on Effective Usage of Steel Reinforcement Bars for Durable Construction Practices  800 
INS/076  Design Handbook for Cold-Formed Steel Sections -Part 1: Section Properties  1000 
INS/077  Improved Bullock Carts  200 
INS/079  Guide Book of Embossed Profiled Sheets Acting as Composite Deck  1000 
INS/082  Design of a Typical Steel-Concrete Composite Shopping Mall  800 
INS/083  Steel Intensive Dhaba  600 
INS/084  Value Engineering & Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Iron and Steel Pipes  300 
INS/094  Design of Steel-Concrete Composite Box Gider Bridges For Railway (24.4M & 30.5M SPAN)  700 
INS/095  Future Trend in Analysis and Design of Steel Framed Building in India  700 
INS/098  Steel Buyer's Manual (With CD Rom)  1000 
INS/099  Fundamentals of MRF, EBF, CBF & UBF System in Steel Framed Building  1000 
INS/100  Case studies of innovative steel structures in India   800 
INS/101  Space Frame a Guidebook for Design and Utilities  700 
INS/102  Guidebook on Connections using HSFG Bolds (Design and Installation)  600 
INS/103  Directory of Steel Supply Chain (2008)  1200 
INS/104  3B+G+40 Storeyed Residential Building with Steel-Concrete Composite Option  1300 
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HOT ROLLING PRACTICE An Attempted Recollection

Information on Reinforcement Bars Usage

Welding Options In Steel Constructions

Cost Effective Ways to Protection Steel Structures from Environments

IS: 800 - Indian Code of Practice

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