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Pub No Publiation Topic Price
INS/006  Composite column design to Eurocode 4  650 
INS/007  Building design using cold formed steel sections: An architect's guide  1200 
INS/008  Design of composite trusses  1000 
INS/010  Steelwork design guide to BS 5950: Part 1: 1990 Volume 2: Worked examples (Revised Edition)  670 
INS/011  Design of Fabricated Composite Beams in Buildings   1300 
INS/012  Commentary on BS 5400: Part 3: 2000 - Code of Practice for the design of steel bridges  1000 
INS/013  Introduction to steelwork design to BS 5950: Part 1  1000 
INS/014  Architects' guide to stainless steel  2000 
INS/015  Building design using cold formed steel sections: Construction detailing and practice  700 
INS/024  Design of structural steelwork - Lattice framed industrial building  600 
INS/025  Fatigue Behaviour of Welded Hollow Section Joints  700 
INS/026  The Fire resistance of composite floors with steel decking (Second Edition)  600 
INS/027  Design of Members Subject to Combined Bending and Torsion  550 
INS/028  Steelwork Design Guide to BS 5950 - Vol 4 - Essential data for designers  625 
INS/029  Design guide on the vibration of floors  280 
INS/030  Commentary on BS 5950: Part 3: Section 3.1 'Composite Section'  650 
INS/031  Design guide for Simply Supported Composite Bridges  570 
INS/032  Good Practice in Composite Floor Construction  130 
INS/033  Design for Structural Fire Safety: A Handbook for Architects and Engineers  2000 
INS/037  Building Design using cold formed steel sections: Fire Protection  800 
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